Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We at Awesome Computech use Artificial Intelligence(AI) to prevent possible fraud, predict consumer behaviour, usage of social media, etc. AI learns everything from the behaviour of users and suggests what needs to be done.

  1. AI to increase involvement - The system sends the mails and messages to users based on whom he interacts with. So, the possibility for him/her to involve in activities increases with references from his/her buddies.
  2. AI for personalised experience - The system notifies user with activities that he/she might be interested learning from his previous activities.
  3. AI to increase participation - The system can recommend events/activities and also connections making the user participate more often.
  4. Intelligent search and collaborative tools - The system can make searching more easier and provide you with multiple tools to speak to the outside world.
  5. AI to increase revenue - The AI engine will provide the probable projects you should take up in order to achieve the set target.

These are only given as examples and there are many more applications.

While these AI applications amazes us a lot, the platform should be scalable given the tremendous amount of data that we generate and use to make recommendations. This is where a lot of organisations lack their vision and collapse in building the sustainable AI engine except for the likes of Google and Facebook. In order for us to be future ready and scalable, we have to build an architecture which supports and hosts the AI layer on top of it. This infrastructure will set us apart and keep us on the forefront, ready to embark on the advancements in future !!

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